About Us

Our History

In 2010, we embraced a challenging new project with Sonangol, in Bacia do Namibe, which marked our official debut in Angola and the dawn of an entirely new Service Portfolio.

Today we have expanded our portfolio of services to include,

  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Studies And Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis & Decision Matrixes
  • Price Forecasts
  • Supply / Demand Studies
  • Geologic & Engineering Services
  • Exploration Interpretations
  • Field Devlopment Plans
  • Drilling Prognosis
  • IT Integrated Services
  • Technology Transfer
  • Supply Chain Management

Our Mission and Values


The Nagsa mission is to provide technological advanced and innovative solutions that solves our clients challenges now and tomorrow

ii.Core values

  • Integrity – We place ethical values at the core of all our services.
  • Trustworthiness – We value acting with respect, fairness and dependability.
  • Creativity – We value creativity, innovation and thinking out of the box.
  • Passion – We value energy and excitement, commitment, drive and dedication.
  • Involvement – We value our team members’ input, influence and initiative.
  • Teamwork – We value collaboration and a sense of partnership, sharing and caring.
  • Excellence – We value a tenacious focus on results, accountability and goal achievement.

Our Advantages for consistency


Nasga has a very experienced and dedicated Oil & Gas professional team working collaboratively to meet and exceed our valued clients need

ii.Local Content

We pride ourselves in building and developing local human content through continuous educational development and transfer of skills set from expat to local workers

iii.Global reach with local expertise

Our extensive knowledge of regional local markets and its stakeholders puts us in a unique position of understanding your needs and working together to in making your vision a local reality