Our global expert team has decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and other leading U.S. and International institutions and governments on strategic and tactical issues.

Our experts understand your real-world needs and industry specific challenges, drawing on many successful years working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and project management.

IPv6 Infrastructure
Virtual Classroom

Dynamic online content management
eLearning projects, featuring video and rich media contents

Strategic Planning

Network and Telecommunications Integration:
Our highly skilled engineers can assist in the deployment of complex networks and telecommunication grids

Wired Networking – IP Networking using IPV6/IPV4 technologies including expertise in Cisco, Juniper and other routers alongside implementation of traffic models and SLAs at the enterprise levels

Maturity Assessments
ICT Solution Design
Cloud Services
Data Center Consolidation

Reduce carbon footprints, optimize connectivity
and go “Green”

Cyber Security
Managed Services

Our automated solutions bring a series of benefits, including improved security for the network infrastructure and for the user, enhanced customer experience by reducing response time for key Internet applications, and reduced operating costs by eliminating repetitive manual administrative tasks

Free Space Optics

Line-of-sight technology, using invisible beams of light to provide optical bandwidth connections capable of sending up to 1.25 Gbps of data, voice, and video communications simultaneously, used for Provider backbone and Enterprise connectivity


Wireless Networking solutions – For both Network providers and Enterprise VoIP

System and Network Integration
DNS, DHCP and IP Address management (DDI) Services

Network Automation and orchestration to reduce workload and ensure policy compliance
Manage, control, and optimize DNS, DHCP, and IP address Management

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

Simplifying storage connectivity
Consolidation of I/O in the data center

F5 Load Balancer Design
VPN Solutions

Client and clientless solutions

DNS Design and Security

Advanced DNS Protection
DNS Firewall

IT Governance and IT Processes/Methods

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Monitoring

Lead by experienced Project Managers (ITIL and PMP Certified), our IT Services deliver secured and optimized design, deployment, operation and maintenance of highly reliable modular communications systems and information networks for voice, data and video. NAGSA’s global expert team uses a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to help you achieve your business objectives.